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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life Changing books part 3: The Hobbit

Yes, The Hobbit!

Tolkien's first masterpiece can hardly go unrecognized by anyone of my (or virtually any) generation.

Bilbo Baggins' adventures stem from the coaxing of the great Gandalf the Grey to accompany a group of dwarves on a quest for treasure.

The visuals in this book still cause my imagination to salivate every time I think of their journey through Mirkwood, their escape from the wood elves by way of wine barrels and their eventual arrival at the Lonely Mountain, home of Smaug the dragon.

Is it obvious I've read the book a few times? I have.  I've listen to the audio book with my daughter one summer on our 12-hour drive up to Maine. She enjoyed it just as much as I.

The first time I read The Hobbit was far too young to appreciate the world Tolkien had created.  The richness. The depth.  The lineage of characters, the histories of cities, the languages -all of it amazing.  All of it, all the detail and back-story would have been wasted without a good story in which to intertwine Tolkien's creations.  We all know, the story alone is nothing short of spectacular. 

Pure escape into another world from the very first sentence.

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

and on it goes and the reader goes right along with it.  Far and few between are the stories that truly allow you to completely immerse yourself into a world and ignore the goings on of reality.  Every time I pick up this book that is exactly what happens. For taking me away again and again and again, The Hobbit is a life-changing tale.

And for your enjoyment, I've attached the trailer to the upcoming movie! It should be a great one -dare I say, the best of the year? 

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In bookstores 6-5-2012


  1. I don't know how I stumbled across this, but I don't agree The Hobbit will be great. Profitable, yes, Great? I think the industry is saturated with these types of stories. Great special effects, but no originality. I'm a fan of entertainment for sure but I appreciate substance and logic more. This is just my opinion though. I have traveled around the world for my job and seen and read many stories and manuscripts. The hard part is finding one that is truly unique, The Hobbit "The Movie" will be more of the same.


  2. I agree to disagree. The Hobbit is the grandfather of all fantasy stories. Many of the stories and movies out today have been created 'from the same vein' as The Hobbit. Truly unique, The Hobbit is. (as Yoda would say) I don't think there is any denying that this story, published in 1937 lacks originality. Tolkien created an entire world loaded with substance and logic, which makes me wonder where you are basing your opinion. Perhaps you are simply saying that the story has been in existence for so long that making it into a film isn't a new and fresh idea? That you prefer 'original' screenplays to book adaptations?
    I do understand that perspective. I also, however, believe that Peter Jackson will create a fantastic film with the depth and substance Tolkein would appreciate. We are inundated with sequels, graphic novel adaptations and other effect-driven monstrosities (Transformers, for example) but The Hobbit is not to be grouped among these grasps at the almighty dollar. This story deserves to be told on film and you'll be hard-pressed to find a director who will do it better.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. This story and all that surround it are close to my heart. (So if the film is horrible, I'll be most upset!)

    Thanks for commenting K.F.!