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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Launch of Evasion, a YA fantasy novel Kickstarter project is officially live

We are live!

My Kickstarter project has gone live.  CLICK HERE to visit the project page.

Some great reasons to support my project:

  • You love me (why else would you be on my blog)
  • You love supporting great authors trying to break in to this crazy industry.
  • You've read, and loved my books (or even liked/tolerated ha ha)
  • There are some awesome rewards...such as
  • An Advanced digital copy of Evasion for only $1.00
  • Tickets to the launch party at Wizard World Comic Con Philly

You can also check out my project video below.

Just as important as visiting my page is not keeping me a secret.  If you do enjoy my work, please share this blog or the link to my Kickstarter page (below) or


Tweet: Support your local author! Visit the @Kickstarter project for Evasion, The Never Chronicles #2. http://ctt.ec/ddBdO+ #booklaunch #read #books 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Kickstarter project, The Launch of Evasion, a YA Fantasy Novel begins tomorrow

If you follow my blog closely, this post may sound familiar.  Indeed I did launch the project on February 15th but chose to cancel because I wanted to make some modifications and Kickstarter would not allow those modifications to be made while the project was live.

So, the re-launch cometh...

On Saturday, February 28th at 8am my project will go live.

I will post a link to the live project at that time.

Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theneverchronicles/the-launch-of-evasion-a-ya-fantasy-novel

Please share and show your support (I would really, really appreciate it.)

Throughout the course of the campaign I will be offering my other publications at discounts (possibly free). Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Kickstarter project for Evasion has officially launched.

Notice: The official launch of my Kickstarter project has been rescheduled to Feb 28 8am EST

At 8:00 you will be able to visit my project page HERE

If you don't know anything about Kickstarter, along with supporting great projects, there are great rewards to be had depending on your level of support.  I've listed a few from my project below.

Many great things will come from the successful funding of this project. Hardcover copies of all of my published works, distribution to thousands of bookstores, a once in a lifetime launch party at Comic Con Philly but the greatest thing will be your vote of confidence coupled with the ability to get out and talk to readers and hopefully provide inspiration.   Being exposed to my work and my enthusiasm about writing could have a profound impact on a reader's life -and isn't that what life is really about? Making a difference?


  • One advanced digital copy of Evasion GREAT VALUE at $1.00!

  • One digital copy of Exiled
  • One digital copy of Tristis Manor
  • One advanced digital copy of Evasion

  • One ADVANCED SIGNED copy of Evasion (softcover)

  • One Advanced Signed copy of Evasion (hardcover)

  • Signed hardcovers of Exiled, Evasion and Tristis Manor

  • One digital copy of Exiled
  • One digital copy of Tristis Manor
  • One advanced digital copy of Evasion
  • signed hardcovers of Exiled, Evasion and Tristis Manor

  • Tickets to the exclusive launch party at Wizard World Comic Con Philly where you will meet and hang out with the author and receive signed hardcover copies of Evasion, Exiled and Tristis Manor Plus tickets to the post launch reception across the street in the Four Points Sheraton Penthouse Ballroom.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cover reveal: Evasion, The Never Chronicles #2

At long last...

The cover design of my forthcoming novel, Evasion, is here!

Evasion, the second book in The Never Chronicles series is scheduled to release on April 14, 2015.

The story continues...

In Evasion the story of James, accused of murdering his mentor and banished to The Never, a place where sorcerers are sent once convicted of committing the most terrible crimes, picks up just after the exciting conclusion of book one, Exiled.  James and his friends face a new threat as they attempt to unravel the clues that will lead to their escape.

Evasion is on Kickstarter!

The launch of the Evasion Kickstarter will be on February 15.  This is a great opportunity to get your hands on an ADVANCED signed copy.  Once the campaign goes live, I will share the link. Please check it out.