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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Maine Adventure photo journal

By J. R. Wagner

I recently traveled to Maine with my family for a little rest and relaxation.  It is a twelve hour drive so we typically leave in the evening and drive through the night. Around 3:30am the car was filled with the yelping of my dog, Sorin (pictured below).  The kids woke up, my wife pulled the car over and I hopped in back to see what was up.

Somehow he had managed to cram his paw in between two pieces of metal behind one of the seats and couldn't get it out.  I gently slid his leg out, took him for a walk to ensure everything was okay and onward we went.

Sorin and my daughter in for a long ride.

I knew when I saw this sign we were getting close!

We made it! Beautiful views, gorgeous weather and wonderful people.

Proof that
a. I was on the trip and
b. still refuse to dress my age

There is a really cool beach made up entirely of these small stones.

Below is a video of the waves coming in and out on this beach. Turn up your volume and listen to the sound as the water recedes. What you're hearing is the sound of the super-smooth cookie-sized stones dragging across one another as they're pulled out by the tide. How cool is that?!

Tasty lobster, lots of exploration and equal amounts of relaxing.  A great trip!

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