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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Front Row Lit Exiled spread and the value of a good publicist

by J.R. Wagner

So my publicist emailed me and said Front Row Lit did a spread on Exiled (Thank you, Grace!)

Check it out HERE

Front Row Lit is an affiliate website of Front Row Monthly

What is Front Row Monthly?

From their site:

FRM is an exclusively online magazine. The goal of the founders of Front Row Monthly is to offer readers a unique experience by providing a modern blend of fashion, art, music and news. FRM is, in itself, a style— contemporary, fresh and visually stimulating, FRM offers readers a front row ticket to the most relevant happenings in fashion, entertainment and social issues.

Front Row Lit is an affiliate website of Front Row Monthly, Inc., the parent company to Front Row Monthly Magazine, (www.frontrowmonthly.com) Front Row Lit is committed to promoting published authors and offering aspiring writers a free platform on which to promote their art to a new audience.

It is nice to see all the hard work my publicist has done trickle through.  For those of you who aren't 'in the game', marketing for books is like building a house with one hand.  Lots of hard work up front that doesn't usually reap immediate rewards.  What you do today can impact exposure days, weeks, months or sometimes years down the road.  In this world of instant gratification, this process sits at the other end of the spectrum and takes a special group of people to not only be diligent with the initial house building, but patient and organized enough to confirm that the seeds sewn months prior take root. Follow-through. Persistence.

It isn't an easy business especially when most customers want immediate action/return analysis. Show me how what you did last week will sell my books this week. Sorry, dude, it isn't that simple.  If you think it is you're probably better off spending your marketing budget renting a van and selling door-to-door.


I tip my hat to you, JKS Communications and look forward to more good things to come.


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