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Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 things I'd rather have done than watch Safe Haven

by J.R. Wagner

Yeah, I saw it.  It was one of those exchanges...I chose Django Unchained (yes, the Academy award winning film!) and as punishment for making my wife sit through the violence I agreed to see this.

Before the list I'd like to say that I sat through the majority of the movie believing the lead male character (Josh Duhamel) played Bones (Dr. McCoy) in the latest Star Trek film, which made it slightly more tolerable...slightly.

I was horrified to find out that it was not Bones (who is played by Karl Urban. Sorry Karl)

In my defense, they look very, very similar...especially when you're looking for some little thing to cling onto in order to justify sitting through a movie like this.

To the list!

Ten things I'd rather have done than watch Safe Haven

10. Spend 115 minutes watching...paint dry

image credit
 9. Get my legs waxed

yikes... (image credit)

8. Go swimming...in a frozen lake

cold! (image credit)
7. Tell George Lucas how brilliant he is for creating Jar Jar Binks

nooooooooo! (image credit)
6. Tell the world I'm actually sad to hear that they're pulling the plug on 90210

boohoo (image credit)

5. Tell Stephanie Meyer she should write another Twilight book

ahhhh! (image credit)
4. Take a stroll...on a bed of nails

no problemo (image credit)
3. Go fishing in my kayak...for great white sharks!

I may have to reconsider (image credit)
2. Go a few rounds...with Brock Lesnar

I may choose the shark (image credit)
1. Eat...my weight...in lard

yummy! (image credit)

Needless to say, if you can avoid it, I would suggest not wasting your time watching Safe Haven. But hey...that's just my opinion!

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1 comment:

  1. Actually a bed of nails divides your weight evenly and surprisingly comfortably. I sat in a very nice chair with this feature. Push pins... I cringe at the idea. and at all the other things on this list. You wouldn't dare ask for another twilight! You'd get into way more trouble than it's worth.
    So now we know your weakness. Mr Dashner will bore himself, torn, frozen, made to retch, eaten beaten, and bloated, but what takes him down in the end is one of the worst romance movie of all time, which no one in they're right mind would own...(heheheheheheh)Clearly you are invincible.