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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank you, Harry Potter

I watched the final movie of the Harry Potter series this weekend.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -adapted from the amazing Novel by J.K. Rowling.

Well...that's it.  No more DVD's to wait for, books to swoon over or new characters to anticipate.  Done. 

The movies were a shadowy reflection of the books in terms of content and quality however I still looked forward to them as did all Potter fans.  My biggest gripe with the films happened to be something completely out of their control. (sort of) The death of Richard Harris. He embodied what I though Dumbledore should be and for most of us, he was Albus Dumbledore. With the casting of Michael Gambon came a different Dumbledore.  Less like Rowling's character and more like the edgy, brash wizards Hollywood seems to cast.  Personally, I adore that character above all others in the series.  Seeing an actor push away from the Dumbledore of Rowling's design was and continues to be insulting.  It changed everything.  It changed Harry's relationship with Dumbledore.  It made the moments in the movie when Potter claimed to be 'Dumbledore's man' less endearing and it was painful to watch this new Dumbledore stomp across the room and literally push Harry up against a cabinet, impatient and angry. Albus Dumbledore does not stomp, isn't impatient or angry and would NEVER lay hands on any student let alone Harry Potter.

I am sure this has been said many times by many fans...but this is my time.  Now, at the end of all things Harry Potter.

If I could read the series again (all seven books!) I would. Over and over.  They're that good.  Unfortunately, time will not provide that luxury. 

So...is this really the end? J. K. Rowling just launched Pottermore, which is still in its beta phase but could that usher a new era for Harry Potter? A new book, perhaps?  Time will tell.  There are lots of great websites out there for fans.  Mugglenet, The leaky cauldron,  but soon, their content supply will dry up, won't it?

We can all wish and hope...but all things must end -and most wait until they've fallen to ruin rather than checking out on top.  I just hope, if something new gets published, that it hasn't fallen prey to the whisperings of industry 'experts' who usually screw things up.

Until then...or, if this is the end, Thank you Harry Potter.

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