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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review -Cacthing Fire, Suzanne Collins

(The Hunger Games #2)

I had doubts about this book before I ever picked it up.

There was a list of things in my head that it could never do.

  • It could never be as amazing as the first one.
  • They would NEVER go back into the arena and therefore, it just wouldn't live up to book #1.
  • The arena was it for me -that's where Katniss's character developed into a person I cared about and without that, there was no possible way Suzanne Collins could make the second as interesting as the first.
I was wrong.

It started out slightly subdued, which made it feel like it was dragging a bit...until something major happened.  From then on, I couldn't put it down.  And when I was sure something couldn't happen, it happened and it made sense -the hows and the whys went together nicely, not forced like so many sequels tend to be.

I lost sleep over the first book.
again, I lost sleep over the second. It was that good. Finished in less than two days.

The only drawback I found in book 2 was the love triangle between Katniss, Gail and Peeta became familiar. It quickly reached the point where I thought, oh no, it's Twilight all over again.  That horrifying moment soon passed and, thankfully hasn't reared it's ugly head in book #3 as of yet.

Otherwise, a great read!  Get it, read it!

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  1. I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about the third book. It completely fell apart for me.