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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet the illustrator of Exiled

 During the publication process, J.R. Wagner knew he wanted chapter illustrations for Exiled.  He had a certain style in mind and when he and Elizabeth finally came together, he knew he had found what he was looking for. 

Elizabeth Witiak is the chapter illustrator for Exiled; book one of The Never Chronicles. 

She is 20 years old and currently resides in Telford, Pennsylvania with her family. 

What did you think about the opportunity to illustrate for a novel?

This was my first time illustrating for a book. I found this opportunity as a perfect time to build onto my portfolio. 

When did you become interested in the arts?
   My interest in art first began at the age of 12, I would sketch templates for clothing designs and while being home schooled, my older sister would teach me art lessons. While in high school, I was inspired to try different types of art. Some of these included; pottery, which I studied and worked with for 6 years. I also took, drawing and painting, which I still work at today. A small handful of my work has been exhibited in local art shows. After graduating from Souderton area High School, I set off for college to major in art. My original plan was to become an art teacher, but now it seems that i have found my occupation as an illustrator, and it suits me the best.

Do you have a favorite medium? 
   When drawing, my favorite medium to work with would be charcoal, I like to add a lot of shading to my work, and charcoal makes that easy. I feel that some of my best work I have done in my portrait pieces of friends and family. The inspiration i get to create these portraits comes from past time artists, like Andy Warhol, and even current day artists like Kat Von D, who both also specialized in portraits.

Did you do anything specific for the artwork in Exiled?
   For my artwork featured in the book; Exiled, I wanted each image to capture the readers imagination about what is to come. It was also important that the image did not give away to much about the chapter. I envisioned each image to feel as if you were looking into that scene from the book. This was done by variations in my use of shading.  While reading each chapter, I would think about what part stood out to me the most, and that would help me in deciding what to draw. 
   Being a part of this book and getting to work with the author himself, J.R. Wagner, was such a great opportunity. I’m sure that you, the reader, will enjoy reading this book just as much as I have. It surely is one of a kind.

~Exiled, Chapter one~
~Exiled Chapter thirteen~

 Some of Elizabeth's other artwork

If interested in seeing more of Elizabeth's artwork, please contact her at:


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  1. Your artwork is so lovely, Elizabeth!

  2. What an awesome interview.. I love you to post your recent drawing of your baby girl.. :) I think that is my most recent favorite.. You have talent.. So proud of you!!