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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, the stubbornness of me!

By J.R. Wagner

Mid-August while playing paintball (what? it's fun!)

I managed to dislocate my shoulder (for the second time ever).

Ouch! It wasn't fun.

Anyway, I've been signed up to do a triathlon this month, which involves...
Crazy open water swimming

and Running (no, that isn't me)

and because of the dislocation, I haven't been in the water doing much swim training. AND because of the bunch swim, there is a chance I could re-dislocate so I'm going to have to adapt my swim to a different (and slower stroke).

The problem is, I am Mr. Competitive (even though I haven't been training nearly as much as I should) and, against the recommendation of my Dr. I am going to race. Why?  Because I'm a little crazy, a lot competitive and I do love the sport.  Oh and there is one other small reason...

That's me! ...really!

 The last time I did one, I came in first in my age group. So, in the twisted recesses of my mind, I believe I must defend my spot despite all that I've got going against me. I suppose that's why I haven't tucked my tail and ran away from this writing game.  I'm not a quitter. I won't simply give up despite the odds. I don't have expectations of winning (the triathlon -I have every intention of winning this writing game!) but I will give it everything I've got!

Does anyone else have any insane hobbies they'd like to share?


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