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Friday, January 4, 2013

Keeping up with the ever-changing publishing world

by J.R. Wagner

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Whether you're an author, reader, librarian, publisher, editor, human, android or alien, most of us have seen or heard of the changes happening with the book publishing industry.  Ebooks are a game changer for publishers and writers alike. 

Much like the music industry, the publishing industry is powerless to fight against the digital age.  While several years behind, the publishing industry is going through the same growing pains the music industry fought through.

Nearly every day, I see things in the news, on blogs and on the internet about the future of the publishing industry. There is one source in particular that was surprising at first because I wasn't expecting to hear about it on the radio.  The first time I heard a story about the future of digital publishing on NPR, I thought perhaps it would be the last.  I was wrong.

NPR, for those of you who don't know, stands for National Public Radio.

They have a page dedicated to books alone, which in this age for a radio station, is a hard thing to come by. Check it out.

Here are a handful of great stories on the future of the publishing industry, the future of libraries and the future of physical books themselves; all from NPR. The great thing about them coming from a radio station: you can listen to or read the stories!

Libraries Grapple With The Downside Of E-Books

E-Books Destroying Traditional Publishing? The Story's Not That Simple

No More E-Books Vs. Print Books Arguments, OK?

Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

At Last, They See: E-Books 'Democratize' Publishing

In The E-Book World, Are Book Covers A Dying Art?

To find more great articles about the industry, E-Books or most things book related, visit their website, npr.org/books

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