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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If you're a writer and you don't use these resources...you're nuts!

Yes nuts! Insane, crazy, totally missing out.

So, here are my two FREE online resources that can change the way you play the game.

1.  Grammar Girl -quick and dirty tips for better writing.

Go ahead, bookmark it, pin it, tweet it.  I'll wait...


Grammar Girl is an excellent resource for anyone putting sentences together.  Lie versus lay.   Affect versus effectFurther versus farther.  These are just the tip of the iceberg. 

They also have a podcast and video blog if you need a break from reading computer based articles.

Whether you're Stephen King or my thirteen-year-old daughter (Hello, Iris), this website can be an invaluable tool. 

2. Goodreads

Think Facebook for readers.

Goodreads has over 9 million members.

Yes, 9 million people interested in books.  


On the Goodreads Blog, I found an insanely informative post called

Anatomy of Book Discovery: A Case Study

Read it...unless you don't want to learn anything about getting your work out there (in front of the public)

As an author, one can create and author page with bio, events, videos, links to your books, websites etc.  There are TONS of groups specific to genre where people go EVERY DAY to talk about...books and writing.

Goodreads is also delving into publishing, eBook hosting and eBook salesIf you're an author, you must have a profile on this site -it's that important. Reviewers are all over Goodreads and as you build your base of followers, you'll want your books reviewed here.

If you're just a reader, Goodreads provides book recommendations based on the books you've already read enabling you to create a 'to read' list as long as you can possibly imagine.  At the moment they have over 330,000,000 books on their 'shelves'.

Go there, create a profile and start using the resources they provide FOR FREE right now.

I'm not going to wait this time, you can spend hours traipsing through the virtual stacks and hobnobbing with other users and authors. Enjoy. You can thank me later.

As always, find interviews, writing samples, videos, contests and more on my website.

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