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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top ten reasons why you MUST read Exiled

Yes, I am well aware of the complete and total self-serving nature of this post...so humor me.

10. No vampires.

9. No werewolves.

8. George Lucas had nothing to do with the writing of this novel.

7. Because someone created a profile on Goodreads just to give Exiled a one-star rating. No other user activity whatsoever! 

6. Because you don't need completely unbelievable love triangles that take away from the plot progression to make good reading.

 5. Because Exiled isn't poorly written porn wrapped in a mainstream package.

4. Did I mention there isn't one effing Vampire in Exiled?

3. Exiled is NOT on Oprah's book club list. (although I secretly wish it was -for promotional purposes only, of course)

2. I'm working on optioning Exiled and future volumes from The Never Chronicles with a major Hollywood producer.

yep, I'm working on it

1. Exiled is the greatest novel ever written...

...in my office

If those aren't reasons to pick up a copy of Exiled right now, I don't know what are.
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