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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inside the mind of an author -his dreams anyway

By J.R Wagner

I had a dream the other night. A nightmare, really.

It wasn't exactly a linear dream -or I don't remember it in any linear fashion.

It was more of a scene -a live action scene where things are happening but I'm kind of a 3rd party witness.

Anyway, here is a brief description.

There was a lake. A boat -a power boat (the kind you see folks racing) and numerous houses on either side of the lake.  All wooden and very log cabin-ish in appearance. Then, it happened; a nuclear explosion.  It wasn't like one of those on TV with the huge mushroom cloud (like above) but more like a very, very bright flash of light followed by a nasty shock wave.  Then another, then another.  Three total.

People were laying everywhere in various states of injury (none dead that I can recall).  Most suffered severe radiation burns and radiation poisoning.  Not until writing this blog did I know for certain that either of these conditions existed and no, I have no clue how I could tell someone was suffering from radiation poisoning by looking at them.  It was a dream! BUT, if you want to learn more about acute radiation syndrome from a quasi reliable source, click HERE.

My brother was there and I recall a distinct need to remove him from the area (as if he would become more irradiated if he stayed, which may actually be true) and he was burned quite severely. 

That was enough to wake me up.

The dream made me think of a book from my childhood called One Thousand Paper Cranes.

Anyone out there a dream analyst?

Out of all the dreams I've had in the past, the events in only one came true within a few days so the odds are ever in our favor that a nuclear holocaust isn't on the agenda any time soon.

Does anyone else have crazy dreams all the time?


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