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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Backing up your work -Confessions of a back-a-holic

I'm taking a brief hiatus from my other thread to talk about the importance of backing up your work.

Everyone backs up, right?

Fast, easy and free: email it to yourself every time you change a file.

Slightly more expensive but much more dependable: Buy some flash drives (more than one), number or letter them and use them on a rotation to back up your files. Keep a backup log with the date and the drive # or letter in case you need to go back. I have drives A-E. Also, if you can leave the drive off-site (out of your house somewhere) Put it in your school locker, your desk at work, anywhere other than the same place as your computer.

Slightly more expensive, automated and dependable: Find an online backup service to do it for you. Currently, I'm using Carbonite. I think I paid around $120 for THREE YEARS of service.  It automatically backs up files that change.  Those files are customizable and the interface is easy to use.

Finally, expensive, local and probably most dependable: An external drive for your computer that mirrors your changes as you go.  Right now I'm using a Lacie d2 2TB, which is super easy and I have to give it virtually zero thought.

Here comes the confession:  I use every method mentioned above every day.  Why?  Well, if my house goes up in flames after being hit by a rogue meteor? I've lost my external drive but I have my flash drive, Carbonite and my email.  If the zombies come, burn down my house, set off an EMP all I'm left with is my flash drive, which contains all of my work.  So, as long as the zombies, the meteors and the EMP's keep at bay, I'm good to go.  But I rest easier knowing a lifetime of work isn't gone if they do.

Speaking of zombies, The Walking Dead season 2 is coming October 16th at 9. (love that show)

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