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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creating a following BEFORE your novel is published? part VI

Well, it is time to move on to other sources on the internet that can help increase your following.  My page following has increased its following by 4x's since I've started writing (and following my own instructions) this blog.

A quick google search led me to The Savvy Book Marketer  website.  One click on marketing tips and I come to a long list of what look like great sources of information.

I clicked on the first one that drew my eye, fiction marketing, and was directed quickly to a page full of hype that ended with an ad for her book explaining all about fiction book marketing. So I clicked on resources and, once again found a nice list of information and every link leads to something for sale.  Can I blame them? No.  Is it frustrating that nobody wants to throw me a bone? Yes.  Onward...

I found a magazine..Social Media Marketing Magizine, which is a bit too broad for our purposes at the moment. Then I found this, a 'free' ebook from scribd that specifically touches on social media marketing for authors. There was some good introductory information that can be useful including a link to RedRoom, which I've never heard of but intend on visiting. It also mentions scribid, which hosted the free ebook.  Surprisingly, there was nothing at the end pitching the sale of the author's book.  It was just straight-up free information.  A rarity these days.

So, the mission going forward will be to research RedRoom and scribid and see what they're about and how effective they can be.  I apologize for the lack of actionable information this go-around.  The next entry should be full of goodies.

Until then, visit my page, tell your friends, tell your friend's friends and I'll be sure to share the love!

Here is a shot of my page today!

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