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Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating a following BEFORE your novel is published? part VII

This is going to be a brief one simply because it is still a WIP.  I took on the task of finding out if RedRoom and Scribid were good places to go and network.

It turns out, simply creating profiles etc. are more work than I thought they'd be.

I found THIS article about the CEO and Founder of Redroom, Ivory Madison, which is somewhat comforting thSat all the work I've been putting into RedRoom will be worth it.  My experience thus far has been mediocre.  The interface is clunky, the uploading is slow and the ease of navigation isn't the best.  BUT, I believe if I stick with it, there is a good chance I'll get my name out there among my peers, authors, publishers and most importantly, readers so I will stick with it.

I THINK scribid may have the same potential.  What I don't like about either is that they offer a link to my facebook account, but the link ties to my personal account and NOT my author page, which is infuriating.

So, I've got more work to do on this topic.  I've also decided to add the Writer's Digest community to this list.  I will get in there and see what that's about and hopefully have a more insightful observation of all three for next time.

Another topic for a future post will be Creating A Calendar To Manage Social Media Marketing.  It is insanely easy to forget what you have where and how often you need to take action in those places.  I've got a method that may help.

So.....For next time,

WD Community

If you feel so inclined, check them out yourself and let me know your thoughts.


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