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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Issuu, an excellent tool for all authors (established and aspiring)

It's funny, I use Issuu to post documents in this very blog and have never given them their due credit.

First, it's free.  Did I mention it's free.  By the way it is FREE!

Once you create a profile the user interface is very easy to use.  The uploads are fast and the results are eye-catching.

Essentially you take a document you'd like to publish and make a PDF from it.  Once in PDF form, you can upload it to your profile in Issuu. The more documents you 'publish' on Issuu, the larger your library becomes. Now for the cool part.  Issuu allows you to share these documents on dozens of sites. (I mostly use it for facebook)  Also, it will give you the embed code, which you can paste into places (like this blog) and it will link back to that document in the Issuu reader.

The documents read like a book -page turning, audio (if you add it) and more.  All my Entries from the Lost Journal are uploaded from Issuu along with my sample chapter of The Never.  Take a look!

I recommend it to anyone and everyone who has documents to share and manage.  They also have a community (facebookesque) where other folks who publish documents, magazines, photo books and creative mostly where one can do some networking. So go register and start uploading!

And no, I am not being paid by Issuu for this entry.

Last thing: Visit my author page and show your support!

Here is an introductory video:

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