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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life Changer -success beyond yourself

Over the weekend I went to a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my mother-in-law's adoption agency.  I went into the evening with expectations and walked out of the restaurant completely blown away.

Family Focus Adoption Services is not your typical adoption agency. I knew they were different, but I didn't realize how different -how cutting edge, passionate (the passion was palpable -yes! from a company in existence for 25 years) and innovative they were.

Those who spoke were phenomenal. Those who listened were captivated.  All the while as I watched, I tried to put my finger on what, after twenty-five years, could energize a group of people like this.

It didn't take long before someone said it.  They change lives.  They've changed lives.  Literally thousands of lives profoundly impacted by this group of dedicated and passionate people.  Despite all the impasses, obstacles and hurdles that they encounter nearly every day, the passion to make a difference in this world -not for them but for others, drives them forward. It drives them right through the barriers they come upon. It drives them to succeed and in their world, success isn't money or power, it's providing loving caring homes for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. When they succeed, they've made a difference -a permanent difference, a real difference in someone's life.

And then came my epiphany. What I envision for myself stretches beyond simply writing books people enjoy and into the successes that really matter -changing lives. If more people conducted business with a greater purpose in mind -something beyond the balance sheet, I wonder how much this world could improve? How much good could be done?

And the wheels turn a little faster...


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  1. Since the grammarian hat is still on, perhaps they hurtled over hurdles???


    And yes, a passion for what is better is not only an incredible goal, it is a driving force when channeled properly. And not just what is better for ourselves, but better for others. It is our responsibility to do this; it is not the responsibility of 'others' to do this. Forcing someone to be charitable or helpful removes the passion, removes the...dare I say it...Grace.

  2. you weren't this detailed with my book! I'm giving you book 2 in smaller doses!

  3. so does that mean that book 2 is done?

  4. a very, very rough form of book 2 is done.