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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short story contest 6th place

The Egg by Emma Grimm

The rain came down hard. I shielded my head with my arm but it didn't do much. I darted across the small meadow to finally spot my destination. Only a little longer and I would soon be in the forest. The big, old, dark forest. The reason my delusional friend told me to meet her there is unknown. I had finally made it to the forest. I wiped my dark, wet hair out of my face. Every inch of my body soaked with the freezing cold downpour. I waited for a while, afraid to enter this pitch-black forest. I couldn't turn back now. Not when I was so close. I entered, ignoring the thoughts that kept creeping into my mind. The rain lightened once I was in the forest, the trees having given me shelter. I waited, catching my breath under a tree. Then I saw a light, a very faint light. I watched it move back and forth in the darkness. It gave me hope. The only light in the darkness. I desired it. I wanted to be with that light. I ran to it, faster and faster, trying to jump tree roots as they came across my path. The light was getting bigger and bigger. I saw the silhouette of a person standing about 500 feet in front of me, when I tripped. I hit the cold ground painfully. I lay there motionless, with my eyes closed, wishing the pain to go away. I could hear a small yell from some distance away, and tried to understand what was being said. Once the voice got louder, I could hear my name being repeated.
“ Madeleine! Madeleine are you okay?” The anxious voice of my friend called out to me. I muttered a groan. Although I wanted to reassure her of my well being, I didn't want to move from my resting place on the earthy ground. The yelling continued until she was right up next to me.
“Are you okay Madeleine?” She asked, breathing so heavily it was almost impossible to understand her.
“Yeah, but I think I might need some help getting up.”
“Okay, I was so worried.” She put her hands under my arms and lifted me to my feet. “Oh my god you’re soaked! Did you not bring an umbrella?” She had finally caught her breath and was now leaning against a tree.
“No, I didn't. How did you find me anyway in this darkness?”
“ With this.” She held up a blue flash light and pointed it at my face. I had to cover my eyes with my hands. I realized this is what I had seen before, the beautiful light.
“ Why did you bring me here anyway?”
“For this” She reached her hand into her pocket and took out what seemed to be a rock. She put her flashlights beam onto the rock.
“What is it” I asked her curiously.
“Its an egg! I found it on the ground a couple days ago and was going to try and hatch it but my mom found out so I decided to give it to you.” She said as she handed me the warm egg.
“What do I want with a stupid egg?” As I said this, a flash of lighting struck nearby.
“It’s not like other eggs. I think it can hear everything you say. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling this egg has a purpose.” I played with the egg in my hand. It fit perfectly in my palm. Even though I had just met the egg, I felt myself growing strongly attached to it.
“Thank you.” I said to my friend. She smiled a big smile as I turned to bring the egg home.
    When I got home I made my egg a nice warm bed. I put a lamp right above it so it did not get too cold. I could now fully see the colors of the egg, a dark green with two purple spots on the top. Then I went to take a nice warm shower and realized that I couldn't get my mind off the egg. What could it be? Whatever its was I wanted it to be safe and to be able to hatch. I wish I had something to keep it warmer. Then I had an idea. I got quickly out of the shower and began to blow dry my hair. When I was done I went to my drawer got out my pink-handled scissors and cut my hair until I had a rough kind of pixie hairdo. I picked up the strands of hair and placed them in the nest where the egg sat calmly. I laughed a booming laugh at the site of the hair nest I had made. I got into bed a watched my egg. I watched it until the sun rose again. I had to leave my egg at home while I went to school. My parents were furious about my new hair style, but I ignored them. At school I was dreaming about seeing my egg again, all alone probably freezing to death. I was growing more and more anxious knowing that I needed to keep it warm. My teacher had come to look at my work, but seeing nothing more then some drawings of eggs, told me that I would have to do some work or go to the principal. This maddened me.
“ I’m going to do what ever I want!” I yelled at her standing up from my seat. All of the heads of the 24 children spun around to look at me.
“Young lady, you do not talk to me like that.” She snapped.
“You are nothing but a waste of space!” I screamed in my deepest voice. “I do not have to waste my time with someone as dim-witted as you!”
“Go to the principal!” She screamed so loud every one in the class shuddered. Everyone but me. I stood there not moving not even breathing.
“GO!” She yelled. I got my stuff and left the room. Instead of going to the principal’s office I went home to my egg. I went strait to my room passing my mom without looking at her.
“Honey? Why are you home from school so early?” She seemed concerned. I slammed the door behind me and went to my egg. There were cracks in it. It was hatching. I felt myself get happier and happier as the little reptilian legs started to come out. As I saw the head I finally knew what it was; A dragon! My mother knocked on the door of my bedroom.
“Are you okay in there?’ She asked in her calm, motherly voice.
The dragon was fully out of its shell and was now walking around the nest I had made it. I  started to laugh. My mother was now pounding on the door.The dragon took a deep breath and blew. Instead of air, fire erupted out of the little creature’s mouth. I had to touch it, I had to feel the scaly reptilian back. I put my finger out to stroke it when its teeth sunk into my flesh. I quickly pulled my hand away and watched as ruby red blood dripped down my finger. I screamed which only made my mother pound louder. The dragon looked at me with its black eyes and I knew it was over. It opened its teeth filled mouth and began to devour the flesh that used to be me. I was the dragon’s first meal.

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In bookstores 6-5-2012

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