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Friday, April 20, 2012

My Crazy Life...

I feel the need to apologize for not posting this week.  Things have been so crazy!  Tons of stuff going on with the book right now.

  • I just finished reviewing the page proofs. This was my last opportunity to make any changes (and most likely to the chagrin of my publisher, I took full advantage of the opportunity). 

  • Not long ago, I released the audio version of chapter one -you can listen HERE

  • My publicist scheduled eight meet & greets with bookstore event managers in NJ and NY over this upcoming weekend to discuss book signings etc.

  • I received my ARC (advanced reader copies) and have been distributing them to reviewers and close family and friends...and am about to run out because all of the eight stops this weekend will eat up my remaining copies...but don't worry, I am getting more.

  • My virtual book tour (details HERE)  begins May 19th -less than a month away.

  • By fate or chance, I met someone from the CYWA 

 from their website...

The CYWA draws into membership men, women, and children of diverse backgrounds and faiths, that together they may gain personal responsibility, dignity, and self esteem to help eliminate poverty and improve the quality of life in our community.

and we discussed great possibilities regarding collaborating on literacy and creative writing programs that can be piggybacked onto their House of Blues program. Very exciting!

  • BOTH my daughters started sports (soccer and baseball)...unless you've seen kindergarteners play baseball, you have no idea how funny the whole thing is.  Thank goodness I didn't volunteer for that coaching job! 

  •  Exiled is on NetGalley if there are any reviewers who'd like to check it out

That's about it for the moment!

As always, find interviews, writing samples, videos, contests and more on my re-vamped website.

In bookstores 6-5-2012

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