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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My First Book review EVER -Legend by Marie Lu

I dread writing book reviews...but here goes anyway

So, for everyone who can't stand those multi-page reviews, here is my review of Legend by Marie Lu.

 One sentence synopsis: In a post apocalyptic United States still caught in the throws of civil war,  LA's most wanted criminal (boy) is pursued by the government's most gifted agent (girl) after boy kills girl's brother.

At 336 pages (even less on my nook) the book is a super-fast read.  Legend currently sits at #393 on the Amazon best sellers ranks, which is awesome for her first novel!  The character descriptions and thought processes are excellent -you feel like you're inside her characters as she alternates between the two, chapter-by-chapter.  When I got to within 40 pages of the end, I thought to myself, there is no way she will be able to wrap everything up before the end.  I was wrong.

There is no fat in Legend, her editors did an excellent job of seeing to that.  My only gripe is Lu tipped her hand earlier than necessary (in my humble, worthless opinion) on a mystery that could have been left unexplained and made the reader more anxious for the next book in the series. There is only one course of action driving the main character forward at the end- justifying a sequel when she could have left at least one more major plot point unanswered.  I don't believe it would have taken away from the story had she done so.

Considering it took me less than ten days to read (with my schedule that's an accomplishment) I'd say it was captivating, well worth the money and quite enjoyable overall. I would recommend this to anyone seeking escape from reality and immersion into a creative mind.

P.S. She has a cool website well worth checking out if you enjoy her writing. 

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