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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Short story contest fourth place

Scarlet's Tale

by Rebekah Lawrence

She was half way home when she realised there was someone following her. The air seemed to get colder panting out of her lungs and frost was gathering on the narrow pavement which she walked upon.  Refusing to turn around to notify the footsteps that she knew they were there, she increased her pace.

It was a cold winter night in the middle of the village, subsequently no lights could be seen due to the fog; the house’s that were nearby appeared to be stretching in the distance the further she travelled. Also no one was around, that is, forgetting about the pounding heart beat behind her.

Her dark hair was escaping its bun. As Scarlet’s hand swiped to push the wavy strands behind her ear, she noticed an increase in the tempo of the heavy footsteps behind her.

Panicking Scarlet looked out the corner of her eye to catch a glimpse on the profile in an attempt to calm her nerves. Unfortunately her instincts were correct; she didn’t know the man following her. Crap.
His shining dark eyes were focused on her like a predator on its meal of the day. She was so screwed. His heavy riding boots were cascading towards her, and she knew deep down she was helpless for whatever he wanted. The tree’s screamed in the breeze as she came to a halt looking the man in the eye. She was no prey. She wasn’t going to run away like one, but instead stare him in the eyes and fight for all she was worth.

However as soon as she had stopped she noticed the boot fall had stopped meaning all she could hear was his heavy breathing and the harsh sound of nature. Maybe she wasn’t in as much danger as she thought.

Startling her further, the mysterious man bowed. He actually bowed. Scarlet couldn’t help the shocked expression on her face, but instead studied the young man who looked no more than 20, looking like he’d walked out of a 18th century novel.

His bowed head caused a tumble of colour that could only be described as rich cream, to fall over his high cheek bones and caress his strong jaw. His stern neck was camouflaged in a high necked ruffle shirt, with a contrasting dark waist coat and tailed jacked. His lean legs were wrapped in midnight coloured trousers, with the high riding boots cloaking his stern carves.

Scarlet didn’t know the man, yet she felt she did. Absurdly, she felt that she should be curtsying back. Then diving into his arms. What the hell?

Her chest compressed as she erratically gulped down more oxygen as if drowning. What is this? Why did she feel she knew this man? His eyes were so dark, drawing her in to his presence that she had to catch herself from falling at his feet. As if sensing her inner torment he closed his eyes slowly, almost looking in pain. 

 “Who are you?” She almost begged. Scarlet couldn’t handle this. She didn’t even know him yet she was contemplating throwing herself into his arms. Instead she backed off the pavement.

A deep voice that caressed her senses replied: “You know who I am, my love.” Scarlet’s eyes snapped open at the endeavorment, not even realising that the hypnotic voice had caused her instincts to fly out the window. She couldn’t put her guard down. Even if she felt safe with him for some absurd reason.
“Come with me,” he carried on, reaching out his hands to emphasis the point. Oh he had nice hands. Strong. Smooth. Sinful.

Shaking her head to try to escape the spell he had set on her, she looked upon him in fear. How could he do this to her? A total stranger, yet here she was almost agreeing to go where ever with him. She backed up further onto the road.

“My love, please. It’s time, don’t be scared. I can help! Make sure it doesn’t cause you any pain.” Pain? What was he on about? The only pain she was emitting was the sheer power she had to use to stop leaping into his arms.

When she finally found her voice after his beauty was more tamed she pled, “I don’t understand! Why do I feel I know you? WHO ARE YOU?!” When her last words echoed around the trees, she noticed another faint noise. An engine. Good, it was only a small village: she knew everyone. Someone could give her a lift away from this man who made her insane.

Scarlet stepped further into the road. She was safe; the car would take her away. Take her to the normality of her home with her average parents, average pets, and average life. Away from this extraordinary boy who made her feel dizzy in the mind.

Yet as she travelled further into the fog she noticed she saw his eyes close in expected pain. The look was so filled with longing and love she almost went back to him, but then the car hit her.

Her legs buckled. Her body somersaulted through the air. She landed with her head smacking into the pavement with an audible crack breaking through the pain in her legs and torso. Her vision blacked out.
The next thing she knew she was out of her body. Literally. She was hovering above her broken body with the handsome man shimmering next to her. Yet as she looked down at the blood and broken limbs she found she didn’t feel anything. Instead she could only feel the warmth of his hand, the flush his half smile brought her skin and the love she felt blooming in her chest.

She had died: hit by a car. But she didn’t morn her life. Instead she celebrated the joining of the man next to her. The ghost who stood by her side. Her love she lost in her previous life’s; yet gained every time she died. 


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