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Thursday, December 8, 2011

YA Saves -you either get it or you don't

I recently had a give away for my 2,222 like on facebook.  The winner, among other goodies, received this shirt;

I also purchased one for my self because I liked the meaning behind it.  So, I wore the shirt for the first time yesterday and everyone who saw it asked what it meant.  After struggling to provide them with an understanding, I said, you either get it or you don't.

So what does YA Saves really mean?

Here is what it means to me -if I'm wrong, please let me live in blissful ignorance because I really, really like my interpretation.

YA refers to an age range of readers -Young Adult

 also juvenile fiction, is fiction written for, published for, or marketed to adolescents and young adults, roughly ages 14 to 21.

which happens to be the group I write for, and they're amazing! Being in that age range is not an easy thing for most people.  So many things are going on all at once -chemically, physically, emotionally and then there is all the environmental influence tossed into the mix.  School, friends, the future...yikes.

How does one handle all that?  Some, like myself, choose/chose to escape in a book. Immerse themselves into another world.  Surround themselves with different people -the book's characters.  Find respite in the pages of a well crafted novel.  A place of comfort, familiarity and most of all relief -relief from the stress and the pressures of all the crazy things happening seemingly all at once.

So what exactly is it saving?  Everything.


That's right.  Without this reprieve, this escape, this means of unwinding, bad things happen.  Emotionally is where they start but they can soon manifest physically and impact one's entire life.

So, is YA Saves an overstatement?

Absolutely not.

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