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Sunday, January 1, 2012

December short story contest 5th place

Alien Life

by J. Roger Greer

If you were an Alien Life Form, one that could travel the imposing distances of space; highly

intelligent, with the ability to take over any other life form, human for instance, for your own

means; how would you do it?

Cocoons have been tried; the face plant with exploding belly has been explored; mind control is

also an avenue of entry into the human race that aliens have considered; two out of three of those

failed due to the incredible bravery of a few individuals, and we all think the cocoon idea was

fiction. Simpler ideas, however, have never really been discussed. A simple thing, perhaps a

small, slightly raised to imply mass, white blotch on a black counter shaped disarmingly like a

happy little bell. Not a liberty bell, that would be too detailed, but a Christmas bell, with the little

ball on top; a shape that brings a smile to the faces of all but the scroogiest among us. Non-

threatening color, in the general scheme of things, designed to draw in a finger…just to check.

Just because.

So I touched it.

If you were an alien how would you enter the finger? Would it be bloody, painful, and obvious?

(there was no blood, no pain) Would there be a tingle, followed by pleasant smells, pleasant

colors, much like reports of near death experiences that end well. (depending on your point of

view of course) Would the host even feel it at all? (I did not feel a thing)

If you were an alien, who took over a human body, how long would you wait to attain complete

control? Partial control would mess up the host, I imagine. Lost, confusing moments, minutes, or even,  

dare I say, hours. It wouldn’t make sense to take over in increments; those lost moments in

reality would be noticed by the host; and by the others. I do know that I am unable to wipe that

pretty little bell off of the counter, and it seems that neither can any of the other four men who

share this space with me. Maybe they have been…noooo, that’s nuts. (they all seem to be

looking at me funny though when we pass in the hall)(and the whispers, the conversations that

end when I enter the lunch room)(and the looks, the funny looks)

If you were an alien and you entered a host, painlessly, took five days to completely supplant the

host’s personal thoughts, why would you then have one host kill the other four hosts? And why

slowly? With much chopping and cutting? This just makes no sense, there is nothing here

important enough, sensitive enough, or even valuable enough to justify eliminating other host

bodies. I haven’t seen any other strange growths indicating other alien forces, but the things they

were saying about me, no longer whispering, no longer stopping when I entered the room. (and

the looks)

Locking all of those doors was incredibly time consuming, why, if you were an alien would you

limit your escape options. The chairs and desks and filing cabinets and all the other furniture

piled in front of the windows also seems rather extreme. Will the ship come here, will they come

get me? (or have they forgotten me)(if there really was an alien life form)

If you were an alien who travelled time and space, created life, and controlled other species,

would it make sense to self-destroy that host? Scissors and knives, scissors and knives. Or

chemicals…plenty of chemicals here. Or scissors and knives and veins and blood and “Hey Schmitty,

get a load of this little white spot on the counter over here, it looks just like a


“Get a grip Parsons, put the glove back on and do your job. We are contracted to clean up blood,

flesh, and bones. Not silly little bells on counters.”

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