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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doing good -the best holiday gift

The other day I received the below message. It made me feel so good I thought I would share it. My intent is not to wave my own flag -anyone could have done what I did. My intent is to share a nice story about an incredible cause in hopes that it will allow others to see that despite all the crazy things happening around the world, there are great people doing great things all the time and this organization is certainly one of them.

Mr. Wagner,

My name is Chris Giangiulio, and I am one of the directors of The Get Well Gabby Foundation. We are the local nonprofit that coordinated the book drive for the local children's hospitals to which you were kind enough to donate signed copies of your novel through Chester County Books and Music. I wanted to take a moment to reach out and personally thank you for your extremely generous donation. We managed to collect close to 1800 books in total, with about 700+ each going to the oncology floors at CHOP and A. I. duPont, with the balance heading to Hershey Medical Center.

Yesterday, at our drop-off at duPont, we were afforded the opportunity to personally hand out the books to the patients as well as provide them, their families and the oncology staff with a pizza lunch. Your book was one of the first snatched up as the majority of the unit is currently composed of primarily older children in their teens.

Thank you again so much for your donation! As a local foundation, we depend so much on the generosity of those in this local area to support our mission, and we are continually blown away by the response. Thank you for helping us put smiles on the faces of so many kids spending their holidays inpatient this year!

Happy Holidays!

Chris Giangiulio

Director of Advancement
The Get Well Gabby Foundation
A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Check them out on Facebook
The Get Well Gabby Foundation website

As some of you know, along with childhood literacy, I have a passion for supporting childhood cancer cure organizations in my own small way. Please feel free to pass this post along to anyone who is a childhood cancer cure advocate. 

Along with raising money for childhood cancer awareness, I have discovered that the Get Well Gabby foundation is working on another project...(found here on the website)

The foundation has been presented with an opportunity to fund a playroom for the Oncology floor at AI DuPont.  As well as fund research software that catalogs a number of things concerning fighting this beast.  If we move forward we are doing two things that make up our mission statement, funding research and funding these children. A playroom for these amazing children to be kids even though they are trapped in a hospital. And funding a research project to find a cure.
The thing that worries me is we are committing to five years to pay this off.  So I’m asking you all to consider donating to the foundation. After we lost Gabby we decided to keep fighting.  We didn’t raise the amount needed but we will commit to it, which will hold us responsible to pay it for the next fives or six years.  If anything happens we will be responsible, we will pay out of our pockets.  It’s a risk I feel worth taking.  We need a total of $125,000 and we are even a quarter of a way there. SO this Holiday season consider donating as a gift to a loved one in the name of these amazing children. We are developing a new web site, that should be up soon, visit our website at getwellgabby.org and all donation instructions are there.
If this isn't a wonderful cause, I don't know what is...

The Get Well Gabby Foundation has a great mission statement:

Our mission is:
  • To raise money for childhood brain cancer research to help find a cure.
  • To assist in the care and well being of children and their families battling childhood cancer.
  • To provide resources for families navigating the cancer world so they may have the opportunity to stay with their child during their journey.
  • To spread awareness of all childhood cancers.
  • To BELIEVE we will find a cure

Get Well Gabby from Daniel Fullam on Vimeo.

If you have a moment, read about Gabby's Story. Perhaps the fire she left behind with her family to find a cure will spread to you!

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