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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 10 Worst blog posts

by J.R. Wagner

The year is nearly through and everyone is coming up with lists so, in the spirit of end-of-year lists, I have created my own.

Because I enjoy giving myself a hard time just as much as anyone else, I've decided to list my ten worst blog posts.  The only factor in determining their order is the number of page views. Here we go!

10: On Book Reviews
  • Apparently my diatribe about the unimportance of book reviews when it comes to deciding which book one should read did not go over well -that is, only 33 people decided to click on the link (no idea if any of them actually read the post). I honestly thought I would have ruffled more feathers with that one but...statistics speak louder than words. 
 10: Speaking Engagement
  • (yes a tie) With such a captivating title, I can't imagine why only 33 people bothered to view the post.  Really it was simply an announcement of a place I would be speaking and therefore should grab the interest of only a local audience...but still, what a crappy title!

9: Desire for the Apocalypse: a Psychological Analysis

  • Granted this was simply an announcement stating that a series of posts would be forthcoming but still...it is a cool topic! Apparently only 32 people agreed.
8: Happy Birthday to...me

  • Nothing like a morale booster when only 32 readers bother to even click on my birthday post. And in my defense, it was pretty GD funny.  Sheesh.
7: My first book review EVER -Legend by Marie Lu

  • I find it hard to believe that only 31 people cared enough to check out my first review -EVER! Or simply the fact that so few people cared to find out more about Marie Lu's new book.  Sure, the review was short (but you wouldn't know until you actually looked at it) and I supposed throwing out the fact that I am an inexperienced book reviewer in the title probably isn't the wisest marketing tool. 
6: What are you entitled to?
  •  I'd at least be curious about what I'm entitled to...me and 26 other folks.  Apparently everyone else on the planet already knows what they're entitled to.
5: Time to Celebrate!

  • Only 25 people were in a partying mood on that day, it seems.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate?  I don't get it. Everybody loves a party! 
4: How to cope with Death...in writing

  • Who doesn't want to read about death? Everyone loves death? If you're a writer, you probably write about death all the time! So why only 25 people found the energy to press the little button on their mouse while hovering over that title escapes me completely.
Now we are down in the dregs of the bottom three.

3: Front Row Lit Exiled and the value of a good publicist

  •  I understand the title is confusing. I get it...BUT if you're a writer, a wanna be writer or somewhere in between, wouldn't you be slightly curious about what value a good publicist can provide?  Well, only 22 of you thought it was worth the energy expenditure to find out.
2: Mr. Lee

  • I truly wish more people would have set eyes on this true story (only 17 did).  Heart warming. Inspiring. Motivating. Grounding.  The world needs more men like Mr Lee!
1: Book 2 Updates

    • Okay...thousands of people have purchased my first book, which must mean at least SOME of you have read it.  I'm asked all the time about book 2. Here I have posted something addressing just that topic and ONLY 16 PEOPLE thought it was worth their time to see what was new with book 2.  Logical? No.

And there you have it. My first end of year list. Hopefully I won't run off and fall into an irrecoverable state of depression.

My old friend, 
Visits Frequent,
Once again.
               A. Lincoln

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