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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Exiled Video Contest final update

by J. R. Wagner

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The deadline for the Exiled Video Contest draws nigh!

With just over a month to go until the deadline (August 4th), the judging parameters, prizes and entry details have been finalized.

I've pasted the updates below OR you can view it on the website HERE.

To view entries already submitted, go to YouTube and search 'Exiled Video Contest'. 


Contest Format: video via YouTube upload

Entry videos MUST use the exact verbiage below. (copy and paste)

Video title: Exiled Video Contest
Description: Entry for the Exiled video contest. Exiled is the first book in The Never Chronicles Series by J.R. Wagner.  This video is my visual interpretation of chapter one. All the characters, places and events are creations of J.R. Wagner, the author and copyright holder.
Tags: video contest, fantasy video, fantasy videos, book video, the book video, exiled, the never chronicles, j.r. wagner, contest entry, fantasy book, fantasy series, books for teens
Content requirements: Exiled, Chapter 1 -chapter one of Exiled on film ( link to chapter one is below) -it can be live action, animation...whatever, as long as it re-tells the story of chapter one.

Max length: 10 minutes

Deadline: Sunday, August 4th

Entry details:
Contestants must upload their entries to YouTube with the above tags and email the link to: contest@theneverchronicles.com
Prizes: over $1500 in cash and prizes

-all monetary figures are in US dollars

First place: $1,000
  • Five signed copies of Exiled
  • One signed Exiled poster
Second place:
Third place:
Fourth place:

Prize winners of the Exiled Video Contest will be announced no later than August 23rd 2013


Judging parameters:

Each category below will be scored from 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent). The entry with the highest score will be awarded first place, the entry with the second highest score will be awarded second place...etc.

  • Entry meets formatting guidelines (above)
  • Technical -video quality, audio quality
  • Acting -believability, casting appropriateness
  • Other -costumes, set design, animation quality (if applicable), lighting
  • Creativity
  • Entertainment value
  • Storytelling ability
NOTE: contest award winners will not be awarded their prizes until they complete an interview about what went into making their video. The interview format and questions will be determined and submitted to the award winners within five days of announcing the winners (if not before). Prizes will be distributed when the interview has been completed and submitted.

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