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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts

I know this is totally random but I was pondering while driving past yet another Dunkin' Donuts being constructed and I realized what the difference between these two coffee giants truly is. 

They both have

Good coffee
Good baked stuff
Good non-coffee beverage selections

But there is something Starbucks has that Dunkin' does not and, in my opinion, never will. 

Has anyone ever thought, hey, I'm going to Dunkin to sit, relax, get some work done, meet some friends?  Probably not. But why?

1. Layout. Take a look at the floor layouts the next time you visit either. Every DD I've ever visited were perfectly rectangular. A counter on one side, tables  on the other. Set up fore one thing. Move customers through the ordering process as quickly as possible. Are there windows by the tables? Probably not. Now look at a Starbucks. They are usually more square with tables around the perimeter and in the center. Sure, they have flow in mind but they also have atmosphere in mind. The tables are most likely beside large windows. They probably have a community board on the wall somewhere. And there is most likely artwork hanging on the wall that doesn't have anything to do with marketing their own products.

2. Customer service. The majority of Starbucks employees are on their 'A' game every time you walk in the door. If you go there enough they probably know you by your first name. Can the same be said for DD? I don't think so. At least, not in my personal experience. I imagine the training to be a Starbucks barista is rather focused. Cookie cutter? Yes. But consistent. I would guess that DD training is more store specific and less formal. 

I am speculating however I believe that each Dunkin' Donuts is individually owned and operated which could explain the difference from store to store when it comes to customer service. Perhaps training unification across all stores would be helpful.

Anyway, that's all for my random coffeehouse post that I'm writing on my phone using the Blogger app for the first time.

What do you think? Did I get it right or am I wrong?