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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December short story contest seventh place

Not what I thought

by Emma Grimm

I went down stairs to eat my breakfast that my mom always has ready for me
when I come down stairs. It’s sweet and all, but never what I want. If I could have it
my way I would have something totally different. I came in to the kitchen and saw
my usual bowl of oatmeal. I went to it, closed my eyes and took one bit. It was
delicious. I opened my eyes to find what I always dreamed about eating. A yogurt
parfait. It had all the berries you could imagine. Well, they weren’t actually berries
I’ve ever seen before. There were rainbows of berries mixed through out the whole
thing. I looked at my mother. She no longer looked like her old, sleepy, grumpy
mom. She was young and beautiful. She smiled but never said a word. I was going to
walk to school as usual. I looked out the window. Of course, it was raining. I went to
the closet to get my pink, ugly umbrella. When I got it out I realized the umbrella I
thought I had was no longer the one I did have. It was a red umbrella with a ladybug
face on it, my favorite animal. I turned around and there my mother was smiling
over at me. I got my boots on and went out side. It was cold but only for a while.
Then the glorious sun came out and the beams of light completely dried the splashes
that of water that got imprinted in to my coat. I was happy, yes, but even happier
when the boy of my dreams came up on a motorcycle and stopped right in front of
me. He didn’t have to say anything, but from the look in his eyes I knew that I was to
get onto the motorcycle with him and get a ride to school. I got to school and when I
walked in the door all eyes were on me. My classmates, and teachers all smiled at
me but never said anything. I started to walk to my first period class but then
something unbelievable happened. Everybody, and I mean everybody, was giving
me presents of all kinds. I accepted a rather large one while they all watched me
open it. I began to tear the paper but before I could see what it was my best friend
came up and accidently knocked it out of my hand. Now everybody who used to be
watching me with love and compassion were no watching my friend with anger and
hate. She sat there afraid.

“Its okay. Really I’m fine!” But of course they did not listen. There was a loud
long sound. Like an elephant call for a fest. A man came out from the back of the
crowd with an axe. The crowd of people surrounded my friend so I could not see
anything that was going on. But I don’t think I would want to. When it was over two
people carried her body away out of site. I was shocked I had never seen anything so
terrible. I just could not take it. I sat on the floor and began to cry. They all looked at
me in a confused way.

“ Don’t you understand? You killed her! Your all monsters!” I screamed this in
the silence that was upon the room. “ Why wont you say something?” Again nobody
answered. Then a little girl came up to my and gave me a hug. I admit it felt good,
but I could still never get that scean out of my head. Before I new it I was in the air
above every one I loved and hated. I didn’t know how this happened but I didn’t give
it much thought. I hated it here, I wanted to leave. I tried to get down but all of my
limbs felt like stone. I was stuck. For how long? I did not know. At the end of the hall
I was finally let down. I tried to get past all of the people in my way but they refused
to move. I had no choice but to push them down so I could get through. I ran and ran
but the hallway never ended. At every turn the was a group of people that I used to
know. Now they were the only things standing in my way to freedom. I turned at the
next corner. And looked for something to use to get them out of the way. I looked
and looked, and then I saw a fire extinguisher. I took it of the wall and charged
tordes the group of people. I was through my plan worked! I pulled the door to open
it. It did not work. I pulled and pulled. More people were crowding around me
coming closer and closer. I tried banging with the fire extinguisher. Nothing would
work. I was trap. They where closing in on me. I didn’t know what they would do to
me but I know they weren’t going to shower me with presents. Then the guy who
had killed my friend came over to me and raised his axe. I closed my eyes and
waited for death. But it never came. I opened my eyes to see my bedroom. It was just
a dream, a terrible dream. There was a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I called rather happy to be awake. It was my mother, with a yogurt

“Mom?” I asked my voice shaking a bit. She didn’t say anything.


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