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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to......me

In honor of my special day I've decided to celebrate by sharing some interesting facts about myself.

1. I've been a pain in the ass since birth. (see exhibit A)

Exhibit A

2. I'm not very good with a lightsaber. (see exhibit B)

Exhibit B

3. I love a good zombie tale (see exhibit C)

Exhibit C (note Exhibit C is packed in my Zombie apocalypse emergency bag along with other contents I'd rather not discuss in case my wife reads this post.)

4.  My childhood modeling career (exhibit D) was thwarted by is over-active imagination, which kept me inside filming stop-motion movies with my Star Wars figures and writing Jaws 5(exhibit E).

Exhibit D

Armani wanted me, but I had other plans.

Exhibit E

Spielberg has nothing on this masterpiece!

5. I'm very easily distracted (exhibit F)

Exhibit F

Time to move on to other things!

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  1. Happy Birthday Josh,
    may this year bring you...well...how can you beat last year?
    It'll be an awesome year anyway!

  2. Happy Birthday! It seems you've been a star since day one. Might as well keep that status, right? Good luck with TNC.