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Friday, January 6, 2012

Why movies of late are lame

Did you know they're making another Spider-man movie?  At first, I thought...cool, the others with Tobey Maguire were pretty cool, I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. Then I read an article about the film and found out it is about the origins of Spider-man. Seriously?  Didn't we just cover that with...well, Spider-man in 2002?

Wait. This is called The Amazing Spider-man!  Really? Oh.  Well, that makes it better.  The Spider-man franchise isn't old, it isn't a classic and it certainly isn't time to release a re-make of a film released only ten years ago. Here is the trailer for those of you who doubt...

Hmm...it looks like they're developing the Peter Parker character a bit more but otherwise the story stays the same. Is this what Hollywood has come to?  Re-make after re-make, franchise after franchise just for the guarantee of a big payday?  Why yes, of course. It is Hollywood after all.

While Paramount broke its record earnings with 1.735 BILLION in domestic earnings, (thank you box office mojo)The total number of tickets sold in the U.S. and Canada declined 4 percent this year to 1.28 billion, marking the seventh annual drop in the last decade, according to Hollywood.com. 

Surprised? Not really. Recession to blame?  Perhaps... although many see movies as an escape from reality (hint: books are cheaper, last longer and you can read them in bed!)

The headline: Franchises to rule again in 2012 makes me want to barf. 

Why are ticket sales down?  Why are the opening weekends good but the following days and weeks see waning ticket sales?  Because the movies aren't original, enjoyable or in some cases tolerable.

I know for a fact there are good writers out there.  By simple deductive reasoning this should imply there are good screenplays out there and if we follow that line of thought there should be good movies as well. So.  Where are they?

In general, Hollywood studios are so afraid to fail that they aren't taking risks with new ideas, writers and directors any more.  Do we really need another Mission Impossible, James Bond or Bat-man?  (I have to admit, I do like the Dark Knight films)

What we REALLY don't need is another sequel to the abomination otherwise known as Transformers. Sorry, I can't stand that franchise. Could have been amazing but turned out to be junk.

Oh good...another Underworld releases in a few weeks!  Really? And then we have all the 3D re-releases from anyone and everyone grasping for dollars.

On the plus side, more and more indie films are being written and directed by people with talent who don't want to wait for the Hollywood execs to grow some cojones (sorry). Hmm...this sounds somewhat familiar doesn't it?  

The book publishing industry seems to be having the same problem right now.  The difference is, unlike Hollywood, the power is shifting away from the publishers and into the hands of the authors...well, maybe not.  More like away from the big six publishers and into the hands of Amazon. Another tale for another time.


there is hope

The Woman in Black with Dan Radcliffe looks like it could be excellent. 

We can always count on Pete Jackson with The Hobbit .

Otherwise, we will have to rely on great books coming out in 2012

psst...I know of one releasing in June!

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