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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mr. Lee

There is a man who goes into work every morning with a smile on his face.  Every morning he pleasantly greets his co-workers. He is always polite and respectful, always patient when things aren't ready. 

Mr. Lee's job is not easy.  He is a flooring installer.  He installs tile, which is the most labor intensive of all the flooring products (and also the heaviest).

Mr. Lee is also one of the most skilled installers in his company. 

Mr. Lee usually works alone.

Mr. Lee is nearly 60 years old and weighs as much as my thirteen-year-old daughter. He didn't complain when, in 2009, his company told him in order to stay in business, they had to reduce his rates.  This reduction is still in effect and Mr. Lee still doesn't complain.  He is happy to be working.  His oldest son is in college -accounting.  Mr. Lee is very proud of his son.

Imagine if the American workforce was populated with more people like Mr. Lee.

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