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Monday, January 12, 2015

Crowdfunding Evasion via Kickstarter, book 2 of The Never Chronicles

After much consideration, I have decided that launching my next book, Evasion via crowdfunding through Kickstarter is the best way I can give my readers what they want.  

Why Kickstarter?  Why Crowdfunding?

Several reasons.  
1. I am not a full-time writer (and my wife won’t let me tap into our kid’s college fund)
2. I don’t have a publisher willing to shell out thousands of dollars on a proper book launch (which includes a print run and associated marketing campaign).
3. It gives me complete control of the project which means the ability to give you, the reader, more of what you want.
  • Hardcover (wasn’t available for Exiled or Tristis Manor)
  • Softcover (wasn’t available for Tristis Manor)
  • Ebook
  • Even the possibility of an Ebook that allows the reader to chose how they want to read the story. (more later)
  • A proper launch party enabling my supporters the opportunity to attend
  • A book tour (length and breadth contingent upon the success of the campaign, of course)

What is Kickstarter anyway? Kickstarter is kind enough to have a page dedicated to that very question.  Click HERE to view it. https://www.kickstarter.com/hello  In summary, 

  • Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.
  • Each project is independently created.
  • Together, creators and backers make projects happen.
  • Creators keep 100% ownership of their work.
  • Creative works were funded this way for centuries.
  • Backing a project is more than just giving someone money.
  • Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life.

I have created a campaign that will launch on February 15 and run until March 15. During that time, anyone interested in supporting my campaign can visit my campaign page and become a backer.  There are different rewards for different backer levels.  How does an ADVANCED digital copy of Evasion for $1 sound?

As the campaign progresses, I will update everyone on the campaign status.  There may be booster rewards for reaching certain funding goals.  Booster rewards benefit everyone who has contributed up until the goal is reached and usually means extra goodies for all.

The official release date of Evasion will be April 14th so everyone who backs my project will receive an advanced copy of the book. 

February 1st the cover for Evasion will be revealed. More details and information will follow.  Feel free to sign up for my newsletter below and stay in the loop! 

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