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Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars episode 7 teaser trailer released!

The Millennium Falcon flying low over sand dunes while engaging two tie-fighhters

Well, after hours of anticipation, the Star Wars episode seven, The Force Awakens teaser trailer has released. Watch it below...

So, after digesting the first taste of JJ Abrams' first dishing of the re-birthed series...

A headshot of Benedict CumberbatchIt was very JJ Abrams-esque with the voiceover that sounded quite a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch (Kahn in Star Trek Into Darkness), the lighting and atmospheric changes as well as how the camera follows the Millennium Falcon all harkening back to Star Trek filmography, which is a good thing if you've seen the films (awesome!).

The first character we see is John Boyega popping his head up into the shot wearing what looks like a storm trooper uniform with a very confused/concerned expression.

John Boyega's character wearing a stormtrooper uniform looking confused and afraid in the desert

Then we (unfortunately) cut to what looks like a droid designed by David Beckham rolling through what appears to be Tatooine.  I say unfortunately because the silliness of it reminds me of episodes 1-3, which I was hoping Abrams would steer away from.  Hopefully this shot is followed by John Boyega punting the thing to Alderan. 

A rolling droid that appears to be part soccer ball part R2D2 head rolls through the sand

Next is a super-cool scene of a group of stormtroopers on a ship preparing to disembark. Lights flashing, camera shaking, dark -very promising.

A group of stormtroopers prepares to disembark.

The next actor we see is (I think) Gwendoline Christie zipping away on a speeder of some kind (also on Tatooine. 

Gwendoline Christie's character riding a hovering craft on Tatooine

It is clear in this sub one second scene that her acting abilities surpass any exhibited during episodes 1-3 so again, promising.

Next a fleet of X-wing fighters zip into frame over a lake.  A very cool shot -we haven't seen them in action in a non-space/futuristic environment before (I don't think).

A group of X-wing fighters fly over a misty lake with snow covered mountains in the background

Then comes the coolest part of the teaser for me.  A person in black walks through a dark snowy forest and ignites a bad-ass looking lightsaber.  

The Mysterious dark side character ignites stage one of his lightsaber

The lightsaber ignites in two phases. First (above) is the regular 'blade' extension then (below) out pop two short flame looking things.  The entire lightsaber glows more like fire or lava with a touch of lightning...very bad-ass.

The Mysterious dark side character ignites stage two of his lightsaber

The millennium Falcon flying against a blue sky
The last scene we hear John William's unmistakable introduction followed by a sequence where the Millennium Falcon does a cool loop through the air and along the ground before engaging with Tie-Fighters.  The camera work is marquee Abrams. 

The millennium Falcon flying along the desert floor while engaged with Tie-fighters

and the title...

So, in my opinion, it looks promising, which means it looks like it won't be the train wreck that was episodes 1-3. Just sayin'.

P.S. all images are courtesy of StarWars.com -Disney -IMDB

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to it, based solely on your recommendation.

    1-3 shook me badly.

    I was in grad school when Star Wars first came out, hated the Ewoks, agree with your implied comment on the acting ability of persons in the 'first' three, and I'm wondering if the magic might come back.


    (this may be duplicate - your comment software at my first try (I think), but I've learned to not trust new sites.)